Weekly Google Ad Campaign

Weekly Google Ad Campaign


How often do you turn to the Google search engine to look up something? That’s right! Almost every day we use google to find the information we need. 

How many times do you click on the first website that comes up? Every time? That’s why an ad on Google is the perfect investment for your business! When we search for something on Google, we generally don’t scroll halfway down the page if the information we need is already right there in front of us at the top of the page. With our Google Ad Campaign, we will make sure your ad is featured at the top of the page. 

On Point Marketing will handle all your needs for your google add campaign. You set your weekly budget and we do the rest.  


This package includes; 


  • Scaling of ads 

  • Testing your market audience & your overall ad campaign 

  • Membership Policy

    This membership had a minimum of 1 month. This is to allow the data to be collected and give your campaign time to grow

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