Weekly Facebook Ad Campaign

Weekly Facebook Ad Campaign


Facebook is one of the most viewed websites with over 1 million active users. It is one of the biggest social media sites that targets ads towards users based on data. What that means is that your ad will be targeted to potential buyers instead of just visitors. There are so many benefits of Facebook ads such as: 

•    promotion of your business and ideas  

•    online brand awareness 

•    online targeted traffic to your website 

•    engage with customers 

•    boost sales and revenue 

On Point Marketing will handle all your needs for your Facebook add campaign. You set your weekly budget and we do the rest.  


This package includes; 


  • Scaling of ads 

  • Review of your page and website 

  • Testing your market audience & your overall ad campaign 

  • Membership Policy

    This membership has a minimum of 1 month. This is to allow the data to be collected and give your campaign time to grow

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